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Choose What Type of Lifting Equipment You Need?

Construction Hoists
Lifting Equipment Hire London - Lift Hoists UK
Scaffolding Hoists
Lifting Equipment Hire London - Lift Hoists UK
Passenger Hoists
Lifting Equipment Hire London - Lift Hoists UK
Goods Hoists

What Lifting Equipment Is Right For You?

When trying to find lifting equipment hire it can be a tricky solution to get right. There’s many different types of lift hoists and lifting equipment to choose from; it largely depends on your main project requirements and what you will be using the equipment for on your site. That’s why it’s always best to find a reputable company like Lift Hoists UK who can help assist you with free consultation, quotes and advice to ensure you get the most out of your hired lifting equipment.

Lifting Hoists & Lifting Equipment Are Best For:
  • Low, medium and high rise buildings.
  • Building developments, building refurbishment projects, bridge construction, small scale building works, etc.
  • Safely transporting your staff between site areas.
  • Transporting goods and materials on your site.
  • Construction sites and other developments where goods and passengers are needed to be transported frequently.
  • Scaffolding companies who need quick and safe access.
What Type of Lifts Hoists and Lifting Equipment Can We Offer?

Here at Lift Hoists UK, we offer a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment hire in London and throughout the surrounding counties. To see a full breakdown of our covered locations, please visit the “working locations” section on our home page.

We offer construction hoists, scaffolding hoists, passenger hoists and materials / goods hoists.

If you would like assistance in selecting the correct equipment for your project requirements, then contact us for a free consultation and quote today. Alternatively, take a look at how simple our lifting equipment hire process is on our how it works page.

When choosing between lifting equipment to hire for your construction or scaffolding project it’s very important to plan beforehand. This will ensure you get the most out of your lifting equipment and improve levels of efficiency on your site. Ask yourself what is the use for the lifting hoist? what is the maximum lifting weight we will need? what is the maximum lifting height our project requires? and how long will we need to hire out the lift hoist itself?

Lifting Equipment Hire London & Throughout The Surrounding Counties


We offer an extensive product range for lifting equipment hire in London; covering construction hoists, scaffolding hoists, goods hoists and passenger hoists. If you would like some friendly advice on what lifting equipment best suits your project requirements, then get in touch the experienced Lift Hoists UK team for a no obligation consultation and 100% free quotation today!

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