How It Works

How To Hire Our Lifting Equipment

We believe in keeping the rental process simple. As a result, there’s only 3 steps to get started and hire your lifting equipment or lift hoist.


How Easy Is It To Hire Out Our Lift Hoists & Equipment?

Hiring out our lift hoists and lifting equipment is an extremely easy process. We pride ourselves on dedication for a quick and reliable service with prompt delivery of all ordered hoists and equipment. The Lift Hoists team can travel to all areas across London and throughout the surrounding counties.

What Lift Hoist / Lifting Equipment Is Right For You?

We offer full rental hire solutions for construction hoists, scaffolding hoists, goods hoists and passenger hoists (and platforms). When choosing the correct lifting equipment for your project, you will need to mainly consider what you'll be using the hoist for and the weight you'll need.

What's Included In Your Free Consultation & Quote?

Alongside a quick, reliable and prompt delivery service; we offer completely free, no obligation consultation sessions where we will visit the site (if required) to check which equipment fits your requirements best. A 100% free and accurate quotes will also be given for the required rental times specified.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies In London?

When choosing a lift hoist hire company in London, they're are tonnes of other companies offering the same service. What sets us apart is our excellent customer service, prompt delivery and collection, affordable rental prices and strong, safe lifting equipment from leading brands; Alimak and Geda.


If you are looking for scaffold or construction hoist hire in London and throughout the surrounding counties, then our team of industry experts are here to give in-depth, completely free consultations. This is to ensure the correct lifting hoist is chosen for your project and there are no mistakes!

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