Goods Hoists

GEDA 300 Z - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA 300 Z (300kg)
GEDA 300 Z/ZP - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA 300 Z/ZP (500kg)
GEDA 500 Z/ZP - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA 500 Z/ZP (850kg)
GEDA Multilift P12 - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA Multilift P12 (1500kg)
GEDA Multilift P18 - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA Multilift P18 (2000kg)
GEDA Multilift PH2737 - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA PH2737 (2700kg)
GEDA PH3240 - GEDA Lifting Equipment
GEDA PH3240 (3200kg)

What Goods Hoists Best Suit Your Project?

When looking into hiring goods hoists in London or throughout the rest of our working locations, Lift Hoists UK offer expert advice and consultation to help ensure the right lift hoist in chosen for your project. Goods hoists, also known as material hoists, are perfect for transporting heavy goods across your construction site quickly and efficiently. You should see an increase in the speed of which tasks are completed whilst drastically improving health and safety compliance. However with all things great there are a few points you should consider before hiring out a goods hoist.

You need to understand the following before deciding on a goods hoist:

  • What type of goods or materials will need transporting?
  • How heavy would you envision a typical load to be?
  • How often will you be using the goods hoist?
  • How long will you need to goods hoist for?
  • What will be the height range for transporting goods?

The process for selecting the best goods hoist should be moderately stress free but it still pays dividends to do a little planning beforehand. Lift Hoists UK offer a wide selection of goods hoists London perfect for most types of construction and scaffolding projects. One example of use could be a construction site that requires the transportation of heavy building materials from ground level to upper levels safely and efficiently. Our team of lift hoist advisors are here to help you decide and give advice where necessary to ensure the most cost effective lifting solution has been chosen. We also provide construction hoistsscaffolding hoists and passenger hoists.

If you feel that you would like some additional help or to make an enquiry, then contact Lift Hoists UK today for a free consultation and quote!


If you are looking to hire goods hoists London and throughout the surrounding counties, then our team of industry experts are here to give in-depth, completely free consultations. Goods hoists are perfect for transporting goods and other building materials up scaffolding quickly, efficiently and safely. This is to ensure the correct goods hoist is always chosen for your project and there are no mistakes!

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